Thai and Shiatsu Massage with Gregg

Enjoy thai and Shiatsu therapeutic massage therapy with Gregg!

Cost: 1 token = 10 minutes of massage at Dancing a New Narrative Event.

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About Gregg:

Gregg Steinberger has been practicing thai and Japanese therapeutic massage therapy for 28 yrs professionally and still practices part time. He studied and practiced in San Francisco calif for 8 yrs and also studied in thailand for 11 yrs and lived there for six yrs where He studied Vipassana Buddhist meditation, thai cooking and thai language! His work is considered physical therapy ,is performed fully clothed on a futon on the floor,and highly therapeutic on many levels !!

Gregg practiced thai/shiatsu professionally/independently at the LEAF festival for 15 yrs and successfully practiced in major cities all over the USA for abt 20 yrs  and was one of the first folks practicing thai massage in asheville nc in the early 1990s before it became widely known!!

Gregg has a background in Chinese medicine and Chinese movement/healing arts,iyengar yoga,chen style tai chi/chi kung,macrobiotic nutritional counseling, breathwork, and estatic /contact improv dance since the early 1990s!!