Soul Contract Readings Live with Brian 3-5p

The Soul Contract is an extremely powerful tool to understand, on a soul level, the challenges you’ve brought with you into this lifetime, the goals your deeper being has set for you, and the hidden assets that lie at your disposal, eagerly waiting for you to put them to use. Your reading will help you identify the deeper themes of your life and how you might navigate them more skillfully in order to heal painful old wounds, to find a sense of fulfillment, and to reach your highest potential.


20 minutes for 2 service tokens at the Dancing a New Narrative Event.

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About Brian Relph

Brian is a certified Interfaith Spiritual Director and Soul Growth Coach who uses a unique blend of modalities to help clients heal deep unconscious karmic patterns, helping them move toward a life of joyful radiance, clear purpose, and creative possibility.

Brian Relph
Soul Growth Coach