Radiant Heart Qigong

Suggested Price: $30.00

December 7th, 10am-11am

Radiant Heart Qigong is a gentle moving mediation promoting peace and presence.

Sliding Scale: $15-60, Suggested $30 – buy a workshop token at the event

Location: Music Room in the Gymnasium at Evergreen Community Charter School, Asheville, NC

This offering is part of the Dancing A New Narrative AMC Community Fundraiser!, paying up the sliding scale supports the Asheville Movement Collective community, a 501c3 nonprofit.



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This class will help you gain greater emotional balance, mental clarity, physical harmony, and a sense of grounded connection. Fusing Taoist Qigong, Tibetan Qigong, Tai-chi and Nei Gong, this practice is perfect for all levels of experience. Join us for an opportunity to peacefully embody your joyful essence!

About Brian Relph:

A certified teacher of Radiant Heart Qigong and have taught hundreds of classes in this moving meditative form.  Brian has a handful of other certifications in spiritual practices from a range of traditions including Tarot, Akashic Records, Spiritual Directorship and more.. Read more about Brian on his website.

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Asheville Movement Collective

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