Courage to Feel our Fears ~ *Livestream* Sunday Morning Dance Wave! April 12th

Suggested Price: $10.00

Because of COVID 19 the in-person dance wave is cancelled! But we are still dancing from our homes!
Join us in from your own space!

We’ll be livestreaming the facilitator’s dance on Zoom, with an opening and closing circle. The mix will be available for download. So you can listen & dance alongside on your home soundsystem or headphones. Attendees are invited and encouraged to turn on your cameras so we can see each other dancing along. We will all press play at the same time after the opening circle 🙂

Facilitator:  Marta Martin

10:00 arrival & tech, 10:30 opening circle

Register through this page to get the zoom link and mix download!
As always, AMC dances are “none turned away for lack of funds” simply name your price & checkout to receive the zoom link where we’ll share the download link.



The Courage to Feel Our Fears
We are continuing to face changes in our world.  Each day brings new situations that can in turn create fear. Pretending we are not afraid may only work for a while.  What if we could find the courage to feel our fear?
What would our dance look like if we danced our fears?