All Ages Improv Games with Sammy Vanek

December 7th, 2019

A short series of authentic relating games and super-silly fun games for a wonderful experience.

This offering is part of the kids oriented offerings and occurs in the childcare space.


Location: Music Room @ Gymnasium at Evergreen Community Charter School, Asheville, NC

This offering is part of the Dancing A New Narrative AMC Community Fundraiser! Donations support the Asheville Movement Collective community, a 501c3 nonprofit.


The connection, love, play, and confidence we yearn for is all within us. In fact, this well inside is the source of miracles to bloom, totally transforming our world from the inside out.

This will be a short version of a longer class focusing on Fun! Play! Connection! Letting the brilliance of the moment inform a group flow of joy and discovery.

About Sammy

Sammy Vanek loves authentic connection and facilitating that connection in groups!