20 Minute Intuitive Readings with Benita

Benita Silver, LPC, LCMHC, ATR is offering 20 minute Intuitive Healing Readings.

Benita receives information from Source about the sitter: their challenges and desires (health, relationships, career) that is presented to them for their highest good and to assist in their Soul’s mission. Source utilizes me to provide energy healings to assist in releasing emotional, physical, intellectual and energetic blocks.


2 tokens each twenty minute reading at Dancing a New Narrative Event.

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About Benita:

For over 35 years Benita has helped people release pushing, perfectionism, fear and doubt in order to reclaim their true essence.  Her bottom line is to do whatever works, which includes a synthesis of inner parts work, art therapy, intuitive counseling and healing energy work.  If you’re interested in realigning with your Soul’s calling, trust the convergence of Self and Source!