Supporting AMC

Showing Up

AMC Shared Values

Asheville Movement Collective envisions a world that moves in harmony where all are free to be their authentic selves within a loving community by inspiring authenticity and healthy community through free-form dance.

By showing up and holding this space for yourself and others, you help make this world a reality!

Also, your ticket prices paid at the door help pay rent, maintain equipment, compensate facilitators and musicians, and keep AMC operating and us all dancing each week!

Volunteering and Work-Trading

When you sign up to volunteer you get to greet all your friends as they come in, and get a taste of what it takes to put the dance on each week (and get two free dance vouchers to boot!).
AMC isn’t just about dancing, it’s also about service and participating in the organization! The first step to participation in AMC is often volunteering!

Find out more about volunteering

There are other ways you can volunteer as well!

Do you have special skills or abilities such as photography or videography? Music/mix making skills or interest? Experience with Children?

Contact if you want to get creative about plugging in! Also, sign up for the volunteer newsletter and get notifications about special help needed and when there are open volunteer slots available.

Participate in Governance

At AMC decisions are made using Dynamic Governance (AKA. Sociocracy or Circle Forward). Currently we have regular Joint Circle meetings which include members from Team AMC (RC’s, Facilitators, and dancer representatives), Core (Officers, Coordinators, and dancer representatives), and the Board (Board Members, including dancers).

Participating in governance involves committing to a period of service and attending the regular meetings, which are usually 3 hours in length and happen no more than once a month. The meeting schedule is pre-determined.

If you’re interested in participating in governance, please email to inquire. You can inquire at any time as there are open slots, but when we are actively seeking dancer guests to participate in circles, we also include it in our newsletter – so sign up if you’re not signed up already!