Space Holding

AMC has long valued its space holding and emphasized consent. As AMC grows and considers stepping into larger visions of spaceholding and responsibility (eg. owning a building and/or growing in size and capacity), there is an increased need for clear, supportive policies.

Definition of Space Holding:

For AMC, “Space holding” is creating and upholding a set of guidelines and community agreements that supports “a world that moves in harmony where all are free to be their authentic selves within a loving community.” Specifically, these guidelines should seek to balance the freedom and safety of the current and potential AMC community regardless of factors like race, gender, culture, religious beliefs, etc.

As part of our plan to improve space holding, we are holding on-going meetings to address and take action on the different elements outlined. Save the date and join us if you want to take part in this important initiative for our community.

Note: As of April all Space Holding Work has been put on hold to conserve funds during COVID’s period of impact.

Space Holding Meetings (1-3pm on Saturdays)
Feb 8th – Feedback Methods & Incident Reports
March 14th – Dance Guidelines Review
April 11th – Community Support Team & Community Resource Groups
May 30th – AMC’s “???” Spaces Policy
June 13th – TBD
July 25th – TBD