There are many ways to serve the Asheville Movement Collective’s (AMC’s) mission and aim of inspiring authenticity and healthy community through free-form dance by hosting dance waves for personal and community transformation and ultimately helping create a world that moves in harmony where all are free to be their authentic selves within a loving community.

AMC is founded on a history of service to the community and much of the work that AMC does is volunteer based. As a 501c3 non-profit, all money that AMC takes in goes back into fulfilling it’s Mission, Vision and Aim. But not all work is volunteer, there are also paying jobs that keep the ‘Mission Critical’ elements of AMC functioning week to week and year to year! There are many ways to participate, from helping run the dance, to helping with administration, participating in AMC Governance and decision making, grant-writing, promotion, developing AMC programs… use your imagination!

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Many Ways to Serve

Volunteer/Work Trade

The weekly Volunteer/Work-Trade contributions of Setup and Breakdown shifts for every wave a great place to start getting to know the AMC organization.

Each time you help setup and breakdown, you’re invited to a free dance the wave you work (after set up and before break down) and you’ll receive a voucher to dance at another regular AMC dance for free. Two setup/breakdown shifts are available at each dance.


Setup/Breakdown Shift Sign-Up
(See who you’ll be working with.)


When you sign up for shift, please:

  • Arrive on time. Your shift times will be emailed to you.
  • Stay for the full shift. We need your help before and after the dance.
  • Have fun! Connect with people. Dance passionately. Volunteer again!

AMC Governance and Board

AMC makes decision via a consent based ‘Dynamic Governance’ (A.K.A. Sociocracy) process  with links to the community in various ways. You can participate in AMC decision making as a dancer Guest to the Core or Team AMC circles, via the Board, and even just by attending Dancer’s Gatherings.

See our meeting schedule.
Inquire about joining a circle as a guest.


AMC also has a new internship program to train individuals in a wide range of

Find out more about the internship program

However, there are many other jobs needed to keep the dances happening!

AMC Jobs

AMC has a variety of paid work to cover the ‘mission critical tasks’ of keeping dances happening each week.

Find out more about AMC Jobs.

Space Holding

AMC has long valued its space holding and emphasized consent. As AMC grows and considers stepping into larger visions of spaceholding and responsibility (eg. owning a building and/or growing in size and capacity), there is an increased need for clear, supportive policies.

Find out More about what’s happening with formulating these Space Holding policies.