Childcare updates!

Asheville Movement CollectiveGuess what?!?

We’re improving our Childcare Program!

Even amid the last year’s dire financial straights and the venue change, AMC’s childcare program as continued and grown.

Now AMC now has the resources to grow it’s program in response to the growing number of (and inevitably size of!) its children:P

Parents and Childcare Volunteers, how can you help?

There are three things you can do to help:


Parent & Childcare Volunteer Information

  1. Send us childcare providers you like! We want to have backup Primary Providers as well as Secondary Providers. Have potential providers get in touch at [email protected].
  2. Sign up for this informational newsletter! It won’t go out more than once a week if we need volunteer and will also update about childcare related cancellations, changes and meetings and gatherings. Sign up right here! –>
  3. Please read the childcare guidelines! Childcare Guidelines.
  4. Are you interested in being a Childcare Volunteer? Childcare volunteers help children get between the dance and childcare when they need their parents and serve as extra eyes and support on the dance floor. You can dance the wave you work, and get free dance vouchers for your time (think of it like work-trade). If you’re a new Childcare Volunteer, please email [email protected] to schedule your first shift so we can give you an orientation. After that (or if you’ve had an orientation, sign up on the childcare page!)
  5. Feedback about the Childcare Program is always appreciated. Send feedback to [email protected]

What changes are in the works?

At the AMC Annual Gathering, parents provided wonderful feedback and ideas which included a some great feedback from parents who attended!

There will be some changes to childcare include:

  • Improved Childcare Guidelines
  • A Secondary Provider
  • The re-named “Childcare Volunteer” slot (think of it more like work-trade, as you get dance vouchers & can dance the wave you’re volunteering! What a deal!)
  • More communication with parents

We’re excited about the future of AMC – help make it everything you want it to be!

– CJ O’Reilly
Volunteer Coordinator

AMC Transitions for 2017!

In the Face of Change

As they say, the only constant is change. This year the Asheville Movement Collective (AMC) has weathered plenty of change, and continues to see more within and without! A perennial organization, AMC responds to the proverbial seasons, its contributors tending to the long-term structure of the organism, even as they individually come and go. Through shifts and changes, AMC continues to work towards a world that moves in harmony where all are free to be their authentic selves in loving community.

We are in a process of change, redistribution of work, and partial restructuring, as Steven Jones, Marilyn Gaunt, and Greg Bonin each bring their period of service to a close as Events Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, and Executive Director. Each of these workers has contributed countless hours to AMC’s dance community through facilitating and mix-making, supporting organizational decision-making, working Room Coordinator (RC) shifts, volunteer coordination, and weekly dance setup and breakdown. If you’ve ever been a guest DJ, volunteered at dance waves, attended Dancer’s Gatherings, or participated in Core or Team AMC circles, you can attest to the dedication, commitment, and teamwork of these three individuals, whose work has supported AMC and become, over time, like clockwork. They leave behind a well-functioning structure that will continue to serve us as we move forward, and each will continue to be a part of the AMC community in their own way, even as they step out of their current roles.


Steven Jones, Resigning Events Coordinator

steven_jones_602261_4197995701454_1045368378_n_350In the nearly 6 years I’ve been dancing with AMC, I’ve had some very amazing dances and met some really special people. In the last 5 years, I’ve tried on almost every organizational hat, from volunteer to Events Coordinator. Because we are a movement practice, it only seems natural to move in and out, to lead for awhile and let others lead in their own time. I believe in dancing. I work in a clinical setting focused on the aging body and mind, and I believe that we should be able to get an insurance discount based on the vigor and expression of our dance, really I do. So, I am looking forward to just being a dancer, who volunteers sometimes, but who is always chasing the next mind-blowing challenge of a dance, wherever I may be able to find it. I am grateful for my chance to serve and grateful to all others who serve others.


Marilyn Gaunt, Resigning Volunteer Coordinator

marilyn_gaunt_167767_1645167623549_172407_n_350Having held the role of Volunteer Coordinator for 5 years, I feel it is time to make way for someone else to have this rewarding experience. Over 6 years ago when I moved here, I jumped right into AMC, dancing 3 to 4 times a week. I quickly started volunteering and moved into being a Room Coordinator; before I knew it I was elected as VC. Working with Greg, Steven, all the facilitators past and present, plus all circle members has contributed so much to my growth as a human being. Above all my reward has been working with other volunteers and the dancers. There is nothing like greeting dancers at the sign in table with that brief moment of eye to eye connection.

I will still be involved as a facilitator, continue to volunteer, and most of all as a dancer.


Gregory Bonin, Resigning Director

greg_bonin_167827_1712866054766_1914876_n_350My first dance was a second wave early in May, 2011. I danced for about six months before attending the Annual Community Meeting in October, where I met some special people and began participating in the work of AMC. I share this because AMC has almost always been both the dance and the work; both a community and a working body—two parts that danced together within me for five years.

I am grateful to have served alongside so many dancers who do the work of service in recognition of our interconnection, who work and serve because they believe in the action of it. I am also grateful for the experience of moving alongside so many dancers; humans who participate in dance and movement as a practice to learn about sharing space with other humans; about how dance and movement can catalyze change. Thank you, dancers.

I am especially grateful for the experience of serving alongside Marilyn and Steven. Each of us stepped up to meet a different need in AMC’s community to support a practice we believe is crucial for human character. I am proud of them—proud of the work we’ve done—and proud of the integrity with which we have served AMC’s community. Thank you, Steven and Marilyn.


Thank you Greg, Marilyn and Steven for the many hours of work and passion you’ve contributed to the community!


Moving Forward

These transitions mean that much of the work of making AMC happen needs to be re-distributed! AMC has always been an organization run by its dancers. It’s up to us to make it happen!

As they say, be the change!

If you:

  • want to contribute to the management of AMC,
  • have suggestions and input about how AMC moves forward,
  • want to participate in meetings/governance/decision making,
  • have any questions, or
  • would like to be included in detailed updates on the process,

then please email us at [email protected] or talk with someone at a dance, and preferably follow up with written communication via email so that the communication can be taken into full account by the team with ease.

Great folks to talk to:
The Facilitator or Room Coordinator at a dance wave (including: Jane Smolnik, Ted Riskin, CJ O’Reilly, Marilyn Gaunt, Marta Martin) , or dancers and circle members Tom Kilby, Darlene Kucken.

You can also help by signing up to volunteer/work trade for a wave! It’s a great first step to participation!

Volunteer Sign-Up

What’s your place in AMC?

As we move into a new a new place with AMC, with Asheville, and with the country, ask yourself: Are you behind AMC’s vision of a world that moves in harmony where all are free to be their authentic selves within a loving community? How are you able to support our mission to inspire authenticity and healthy community through free-form dance by hosting dance waves for personal and community transformation? Is this part of your mission and vision for the world?