COVID-19 Update – We will dance via Livestream! In-person Events Cancelled Until Further Notice


Dearest Dancers,

When Covid-19 risks created an unsafe environment for our in-person dances, AMC switched to online events without missing a beat. A small group of dancers have been joining us twice weekly for these events with great gratitude for the opportunity to continue our sacred practice. So far, despite simplifying our systems, eliminating redundancy, and reducing officer hours, producing two weekly dances has meant steady financial loss.  How can AMC continue to fulfill our aim of “hosting dance waves for personal and community transformation” in a sustainable way?

As an organization with heart, we want to balance practical and financial considerations with the less tangible, but profoundly important, issues of human love and connection.  For now, we have decided to move forward by reducing the frequency of our events to three per month.  Our dances will take place on the first Friday night, second Sunday and fourth Sunday mornings of each month.

If you have not joined us to dance online, you might be surprised at how much fun and connection you could feel!

Dance forever,