Dance Guidelines

In Person Dance Guidelines

AMC offers a shared experience and a shared place for spontaneous, free-form movement. What each of us brings to this shared place affects everyone, and we create this experience together with:

Awareness of others and ourselves
Permission from others and ourselves
Participation through movement and presence

We practice moving in healthy community by:

Arriving without strong scents (including perfumes, oils, and body scents)
Dancing in bare feet, socks, or supportive footwear
Maintaining a nonverbal dance space
Encouraging a substance-free space
Leaving electronic devices outside the dance space
Honoring the physical space and bodies of others with awareness of consent

  • Please respect boundaries and guidelines in the dance space, in the lobby, outside the building, in the parking lot, before, during and after dances!
  • Respect and honor everyone’s Covid19 Safety needs. Wristbands available for dancers who want to clearly state nonverbally their need for social distancing
  • No Shaming

Pets (with the exception of service animals) are not allowed on the dance floor, or unattended in the lobby area.

Online Dance Guidelines for all Livestream Dance Events


Link to Dance Guidelines PDF