Parent & Childcare Volunteer Newsletter

Families are welcome at AMC, and childcare is one way we welcome families into our community. It is a privilege to dance in a space that holds both infants and octogenarians!

Supervised children are welcome to share the dance space with us and are asked to observe the same guidelines as other dancers in support of our shared container. Like any dancer, permission and awareness are important aspects of sharing our dance space, including requesting and granting permission, and moving with awareness for other dancers in the room.

In support of a safer space for everyone, we ask guardians to familiarize themselves with our guidelines, sign each child into childcare, and periodically check in with the parent volunteer. While these guidelines are appropriate for most of our events, the childcare provider is empowered to make decisions that support everyone’s safety — including when the space is full.

AMC Minor and Childcare Guidelines

  1. A guardian (a parent or authorized adult) is responsible for signing their own child into the dance, and into and out of childcare. AMC’s childcare and minors waiver and release can be referenced here.
  2. Matching name tags should be worn by children and each guardian.
  3. Respectful communication among everyone is expected.
  4. We are unable to care for children outside of the childcare area, and children outside of this area must be accompanied by a guardian.

Childcare specific guidelines

  1. We have a limit of 10 children per childcare provider (two or more providers when possible). To join childcare a child must have a numbered name tag. Childcare availability is first come first serve. Details on this limit can be referenced here.
  2. Children and parents are expected to follow the direction of the childcare provider, who is empowered to make decisions for everyone’s safety based on each day’s particular environment.
  3. Children must be toilet trained to participate in childcare.
  4. Food is not allowed in the childcare area.
  5. Anyone not abiding by these instructions may not use childcare.

We offer and fund these services with AMC’s flex ticket price, at no additional cost to families who use childcare. If you value these services, consider supporting our dance by volunteering or giving a little more when paying for your ticket!


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