Letter to Our AMC Community

AMC Community

On July 24th at our Carrier Park dance we had an incident occur where an individual was refusing to comply to the shirts-on guideline. The individual was not someone who had signed in or paid to attend the dance. We attempted to get them to leave, but our efforts were unsuccessful. The individual ran and several of the staff attempted to chase them. It quickly escalated out of hand and the resulting scene that played out displayed many challenges that we face as a community and as an organization. It has brought to surface the complexity of how to deal with situations where an individual refuses to be in compliance with our shared agreements and also refuses to leave our event.
[suggest: “…our event, and also the difference between an outdoor ‘public’ event vs an indoor event.”

We are very sorry for those who were there and may have been negatively affected by this incident. While there is much that can be said in reflection upon the sequence of events that occurred that day, our primary message to you is that we as your leaders are committed to examining all sides of this multifaceted issue in order to arrive at a protocol that enables us to be well-prepared to handle future disruptions effectively and compassionately. We are dedicated to learning from the lessons this incident has provided and becoming better leaders and organizers for this community as a result.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. Please email any feedback you may have to /" target="_blank" rel="noopener">.