Annual Filings

AMC Shared ValuesAs one of AMC’s Shared Values, Transparency is a fundamental component of our decision-making and fiscal responsibilities. AMC is volunteer-driven, and we often talk about volunteers as the heart of our organization — with good reason! We also rely on several committed folks who are financially compensated for some of the work they do to accomplish AMC’s organizational work.

Decisions about who to compensate and how much to compensate come from AMC’s Working Circles, and these decisions are grounded in another of AMC’s Shared Values — Sustainability. As a primarily dancer-funded organization, the working circles often discuss AMC’s finances and how best to steward your money to ensure that there is a safer space for our community to dance every week. Our dedication to sustainability and transparency also guide our decisions about the pathways we maintain for volunteer participation, whether it’s a work exchange for dance or community participation in a working circle.

AMC’s compensated positions include:

  • Childcare Provider (contractors and employees, compensated per event)
  • Bookeeper (contractor, hourly compensation)
  • Event Facilitators (contractor, compensated per event)
  • Volunteer Coordinator (employee, compensated monthly)
  • Events Coordinator (employee, compensated monthly)
  • Executive Treasurer (employee, compensated monthly)
  • Executive Director (employee, compensated monthly)
  • Executive Secretary (employee, compensated monthly)

Dancers serving in these positions are part of Team AMC, and compensation varies by position and changes in response to our overall finances. Many of the dancers serving in compensated positions also serve as volunteers elsewhere in the organization, which is not reflected in their compensation. We strive toward fair and balanced compensation and are also exploring funding sources outside of what you give for your flex ticket. You are always invited to support AMC by volunteering or donating.


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AMC’s IRS 990 filings are available using the links below. While detailed schedules have been removed, all other information has been included.

Please contact us if you’d like more information about AMC’s IRS filings.